BAMF Style


Kevin Spacey as Sgt. Jack Vincennes, swaggering LAPD “celebrity” narcotics detective

Los Angeles, Christmas 1952

Film: L.A. Confidential
Release Date: September 19, 1997
Director: Curtis Hanson
Costume Designer: Ruth Myers


Curtis Hanson’s 1997 film adaptation of James Ellroy’s raw book is neo-noir at its finest. The story has it all: crooked cops, femme fatales, drugs, corruption, prostitution, gunfights, cigarettes, muted trumpets, and whiskey – straight. Needless to say, the three LAPD detectives each bring their own level of BAMF to the film.

The most notable, from a sartorial standpoint is Narcotics Sgt. Jack Vincennes, a cynical half-celebrity who forgot his motivations for police work long ago and now lives for his half-celebrity status, acting as technical advisor on a Dragnet-like TV show that stars the guy who played Lloyd Braun on Seinfeld.

Interestingly, Spacey was told to base part of his portrayal of Vincennes on Dean…

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