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An Aspiring Gent

Velvet, a luxury fabric made from cotton and/or silk, it has a soft touch and charming lustre. This plush material is the key ingredient in two garments, the smoking jacket and velvet prince albert slippers.

The smoking jacket was originally worn after a meal when one would remove their dinner jackets and head to the smoking room for a cigar and brandy. On return one would change back to the dinner jacket – this was so that after returning to meet their lady counterparts they would not smell of smoke.

Now that many of us no longer smoke, and smoking is not permitted in the smoking room does the smoking jacket still have a place in An Aspiring Gents wardrobe? Whilst a smoking jacket is not quite part of the capsule wardrobe they are however great, slightly eccentric and fun way of dressing for a black tie evening. The smoking…

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