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An Aspiring Gent

At the turn of the last century, Cordings, already famed for their outerwear
collection, noted that a lighter weight, less cumbersome coat would be a
useful addition to the country gents’ wardrobe. It would need to withstand
the rigours of daily life and retain its appearance, in a cloth that wouldn’t
show dirt or horse hairs and be both hard-wearing and smart.

From this idea the now famous Cordings Covert Coat was born. Cordings
approached the West of England mill Fox Brothers, already famed the world
over for their exceptional cloths, and together they developed a new covert
cloth. The word ‘covert’ derives from the French word ‘couvert’, in this sense
meaning shelter or hiding place for game, and referred to the unique colour,
woven from a myriad of fibres, tightly spun in a steep twill to create a soft
warm hue, quite unlike anything else. Such is the importance…

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