An Aspiring Gent

Founded in 1777, G B Kent & Sons Ltd or Kent Brushes as they are commonly known, have been the finest brush makers for over 230 years. Even in today’s fast moving, mass-produced assembly, Kent is proud to still be manufacturing many of their original brushes by hand.

Kent uses 12 processes in making most brushes, with some going through as many as 20 processes before inspection, including cutting, shaping, bristling, finishing, and buffing. Their 100% handmade brushes can take 540 hours to complete just one!

There are a few brushes An Aspiring Gent should own for one’s hair, clothes, shoes and shaving. I have tested a couple of their fine products and written my though below which I hope you will enjoy reading.

Shaving Brush

Discussing the details of various shaving brushes is a matter for a dedicated article because there are so many different types of brush. The…

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