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26 years ago today – November 29, 1986 – Cary Grant passed away. To pay tribute to this screen legend, here he is as he would have wanted to be remembered: in a sharp tuxedo as a lovable rogue charming the gems off of Grace Kelly.


Cary Grant as John Robie, retired cat burglar and jewel thief

Cannes, French Riviera, Summer 1954

Film: To Catch a Thief
Release Date: August 5, 1955
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Costume Designer: Edith Head


In the early 1950s, Cary Grant cited his growing age (he was almost 50) and the rise of method acting (Marlon Brando existed) as the primary reasons for his retirement from acting. However, in a tradition ranging from Grover Cleveland to Frank Sinatra to Brett Favre, this retirement was short-lived.

Grant, who was a favorite of Alfred Hitchcock and referred to by the latter as “the only actor I…

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