An Aspiring Gent

Established in 1777, Dents are renowned for their beautifully crafted gloves, many of which are handmade in the Dents factory located in the small country town of Warminster in Wiltshire.  Each pair is made using the finest materials from around the world including North American deerskin, fine aniline Ethiopian hairsheep leathers and top quality peccary skin which are the world’s rarest and most luxurious leather for crafting gloves.


Creating the perfect pair of gloves takes 32 different operations, most of which are done by hand.

Gloves serve a practical purpose of keeping one’s hands warm in the chilly weather and Dents gloves are available with a number of linings, including luxurious Cashmere, fur and Silk. A little unknown fact – you may think cashmere would be the warmest lining, but in fact it’s silk. Unlined gloves are also very popular and still keep your hands warm; Daniel Craig in Skyfall…

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