~ Iconicallyrare ~ The Tailored Life


 Above : Madonna in bespoke : an elegance-versus-vulgarity irony? You decide.


Some things must be experienced to be understood…such is the case with elegance and vulgarity. However, if it is possible to paint a picture with words of these opposite concepts, then I will give it my best effort.


~ On Vulgarity ~

I’ve never liked the word menswear.

In fact, if you say the word menswear, my mind will instantly tune out of the conversation.

As an American, perhaps the word menswear leaves a wry taste because of the ill-famed “Men’s Wearhouse” commercials that I felt forced to watch before I could edit out commercials with the help of TiVo and Ultimate TV.

I instinctively knew that:

1) No man would admit to buying a suit from Men’s Wearhouse without a wave of blushing, heated-redness rushing to his face, and

2) selling thousands of suits as if…

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