Laguna Beach Fogey



I am a fan of Laguna Beach Fogey who blogs at Admiral Cod…Actually, I’ve been living vicariously through his posts for some time.  From time to time he also posts some thought-provoking, well, thoughts.  Here’s one that crosses the minds of most of us of a certain age and class:

“On another website I recently commented on an article explaining how one should react to civilizational decline. I think the real measure of a man is how he lives in such an age. Not how he survives, but how he lives. There are two kinds of people: the first, those who prefer to bitch and moan about the state of things, who are resigned to their position as passive victims of events; and the second, those who actually do something about it. At core are the questions: How does one survive the whirlwind? What is the best way to live under current circumstances? The following are just a few thoughts.”…

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Very well said LBF.


4 thoughts on “Laguna Beach Fogey

  1. Ahh, McQueen with a pair of Persols, a cool wristwatch (probably a Rolex Explorer or Submariner, maybe. Actually, no. It looks like a chronograph, so I’m betting something like a Heuer or Hanhart), and a pistol. He knew how to deal with crap.

    • And please note the Jack Purcells he’s sporting…Yes, he knew how to deal….


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