Bond’s Women: Feminist Heroes or Mere Accessories?

Artistic Licence Renewed

The common perception of a Bond girls, as damsels in distress waiting for our hero James Bond to save from the clutches of the villain and also themselves, is not without its flaws. In a recent interview I did with Robert Caplen, author of Shaken & Stirred: The Feminism of James Bond, when asked this same question he stated:

I think the literary James Bond is a combination of womanizer and anachronism. James Bond perpetuates the male fantasy, as seen through the prism of Ian Fleming, but James Bond also depicts an approach to and treatment of women that is not sustainable in a post-feminist world.

Fleming saw his hero as a blunt instrument for the government, a creature of his time and line of work and the atypical Anglo-Saxon bachelor but to stop there could be a mistake. Bond was not the English gentleman nor misogynist dinosaur of the kind…

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