The Saga of Ian Fleming’s Supposedly ‘Last Interview’

Artistic Licence Renewed

Article by Revelator

It’s one of the most obscure mysteries in Bondology. In July 1965 a “magazine for men” named Saga published what it offensively called “Ian Fleming’s Last Interview: How to Take Any Woman…James Bond Style!” The note from the editor read:

In the summer of 1964, French journalist Alain Ayache interviewed Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond. Fleming agreed to sit for another interview at a later date in Switzerland. But Fleming died in September [sic], 1964. Ayache went over his notes carefully and decided to release them unedited, in Ian Fleming’s own words. Here in a SAGA exclusive, is Ian Fleming on the subject closest to James Bond’s heart.


The mystery begins with a problem: the interview doesn’t read anything like an interview. It reads like a lengthy article—on how to pick up women. It sticks resolutely to the subject, with none of the tangents typical to…

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