‘Bons baisers de France’ – James Bond’s Travels in France

Artistic Licence Renewed

On this Bastille Day, we are delighted to welcome our French cousins commander007.net at Station F, to contribute their thoughts on James Bond in France. Profitez!

In 11 novels and 9 short stories, Bond travels five times through 1950’s France. While Bond is now famous for being a great globe-trotting spy, it is surprising that Fleming, an author so fond of Jamaica and other exotic places, would send his spy just as many times to the other side of the Channel.

The Old Aristocratic joie de vivre

Le Touquet, France Le Touquet, France

We know relatively little of Fleming’s travels in France, but we can fairly assume that he traveled through the country several times when he visited Switzerland and Germany. France in the 1950s was not an especially jolly era. Still recovering from the war, France in these years was still a fairly rural country. Some old and new fortunes gathered in Paris, its Riviera and…

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