1966 1601 Datejust


Wearing the 1601 from 1966 today.  This is the only Rolex in my collection, for the simple reason that is one of the few  non-in-your-face Rolexes around.  I understand that the in-your-face factor is usually high on the list of “reasons to own” for many Rolex wearers (yes, generalizing and what-not…Cad, remember?) But I prefer my vintage watches to be elegant and low key.  I say vintage because I’m unable to lift, let alone wear, most of today’s watches.

On the leather band, I switched out the jubilee bracelet years ago, it looks like any other nice watch.  Most don’t know it’s a Rolex unless they happen to get an up-close look at it.  Which is the way I like it.  Simple, understated, classic.