1966 1601 Datejust


Wearing the 1601 from 1966 today.  This is the only Rolex in my collection, for the simple reason that is one of the few  non-in-your-face Rolexes around.  I understand that the in-your-face factor is usually high on the list of “reasons to own” for many Rolex wearers (yes, generalizing and what-not…Cad, remember?) But I prefer my vintage watches to be elegant and low key.  I say vintage because I’m unable to lift, let alone wear, most of today’s watches.

On the leather band, I switched out the jubilee bracelet years ago, it looks like any other nice watch.  Most don’t know it’s a Rolex unless they happen to get an up-close look at it.  Which is the way I like it.  Simple, understated, classic.


Hamilton 1964


Added a 1964 Hamilton M 100-3 10K RGP(Rolled Gold Plate) D&A Grade 689 to the collection…At a very good price too.  Excellent condition and with the original band as well.  It is an automatic with a Swiss ETA 689A movement.  Hamilton, as you know, was at one time the premier watchmaker in America.  They ceased US production in 1969.  There are still Hamilton’s being sold, but these are not the original Hamilton.  The Swiss company Swatch bought the Hamilton name and produces these watches today.

In 1964, this watch sold for $100.00 which is approximately $750.00 today. The M series of watches were only produced in 1964, why, I have no idea.  It is a mechanical watch (you wind it daily, you do not insert a battery) and an automatic which means that the movement of your wrist also keeps the watch wound.

A beautiful, elegant watch.  Simple and sophisticated.  Young men would not like it as it is not the size of an hubcap…(that is, huge and vulgar, for those to young to know what an hubcap is).  I’m very pleased.  I have been looking for the right Hamilton for some time.

Oh, and I paid $42.00 for it…I think I’m kind of a BAMF…I’ll have to ask a friend of mine….

Well  Mr. Teeritz, you are the man of a thousand vintage watches…Any Hamilton’s in your obviously, very large, watch box?  And, what do you think of the vintage Hamilton, if at all?